Monday, 7 October 2013

Download The Dirties 2013 Full Movie

Here is a film that does not happen every day to see. Opera before Matthew Johnson , was presented at Locarno in section Filmmakers of the Present , where first and second of the rising stars of the new movie do they goring each other and shake a bit 'from the viewer numbness that sometimes comes from film seemingly more illustrious. So, here comes Matthew Johnson is a weapon of digital video cameras and a mixture of Western culture hand to Holden Caulfield and Final Cut , at Columbine and indestructible GoPro . It creates a short video and installation, in which the director and actors mingle and standardized that eye that shows us the film here, is less. Spares no one, this Canadian film sui generis, not even its creators. Matt and Owen are unpopular kids in their school, they have friends and all they do is feed on cinema, especially the most famous movies pop of the New World. Or rather, Matt does, Matt is the real man possessed, while Owen simply get carried away, sometimes unwillingly. Download The Dirties Full Movie from direct downloading links without pay any charges.


To isolate them more and more in their shells we bring you the bullies, the "tamarroni" of the school, submit them and not miss a chance to beat them with his face on the floor. For this reason the film is narrated by all hand-held camera mounted frantically began as amateur film about the dirties , the bastards, that the bully boys pounding the sheep, while the coupled Matt John-in-jokes and costumes unlikely tribute to the planet Cinema Vanquish them. Only that you add to their home video clips of real life: Jared and other guys faceless and nameless resume Matt Owen and everywhere, like an eternal reality. In the end it turned brawls also true, bullismi, intimate chats hilarious but sometimes on both, their fears and their masks, their daily life. A life of pixels and frames that Matt continually comeback to your PC, distorting reality and to your liking by changing what does not work for them in reality. Download free full movies with DVD rip quality prints without any premium account.

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