Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Download After Earth 2013 Full Movie Online

The desperate race to save Jaden Smith on dad Will uninhabited planet Earth was 1000 years ago, a now hostile planet inhabited by fierce and deadly creatures. A thousand years after a series of catastrophic events have forced the whole of humanity to abandon the planet and start a new life colonizing the planet Nova Prime, the special body of the Ranger is the new standard military in charge of preserving the human species and defend it from attacks of Skrel, an alien race that claimed the dominion of the planet. The general Raige Cypher (Will Smith) is one of the most charismatic leaders of the Rangers, who has rekindled hope in the fight against Skrel and reversed the fortunes of war, so it is a kind of myth for the military. Will Smith play in 'After Earth' General Cypher Raige the Ranger Corps, founded in 2025 after the forced mankind had to leave Earth? Nova Prime is the new home planet of humanity, but the alien race Skrel are the original inhabitants of this planet and they want as quickly as possible of human plague.  Download After Earth Full Movie Online from secure internet connections without fill any registration form. 


To destroy mankind the Skrel created the Ursa. The Ursa are beasts without sight who can smell fear and thus detect and kill people. Cypher Raige on the battlefield has made his name with the so-called "ghosting". This is the art of disabling anxiety, making it invisible to the Ursa.The story of 'After Earth' is reminiscent of that of a video game, except that the current generation of video games more interesting and less predictable stories voorschotelen than 'After Earth'. The prologue of this essentially father-and-son story is described in a few minutes and let this miserable enough now the most interesting part of this film. The rest of the film is largely filled with an inconclusive rendition of Jaden Smith. His character Kitai he never knows to give, causing life-threatening situations miss voltage. Really any sympathy Jaden Smith is not yet mature enough to wear. Download movies free from direct downloading links without waste your time and money.

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