Thursday, 7 November 2013

Download Thor The Dark World 2013 Free Movie

In the sequel to Thor must superhero Thor save the Nine Realms? Loki was twice the antagonist, so this time fighting to Thors side. The film begins with a shot restless fight in the dark lit world where these characters live based on Norse gods. From start to finish The Dark World is supported by high-sounding music that the film imposes a gravity that does not reflect on the script, how great the film may also eyes. On Earth, Jane Foster two years waiting for the return of Thor, with whom she shared a kiss and a night star gazing. It must be true love. Jane is an intelligent woman because she squealing and flashing devices hold and better with science than with relationships. No one has apparently ever told her to wait in love generally yield no fruit. Not to ridicule about to simply blow Jane has called the film Darcy Lewis in life. Darcy never takes a mince her words and is thus at the mercy of the declaration of forced comments at inappropriate times. They appoint a likely way referred funny everything that happens around her. Jane is a self-respecting scientist who has spent years working the apelazarus to push the boundaries of science but apparently a capable intern not a prerequisite. Download Thor The Dark World Free Movie without using your credit card or no need to register.

To make matters worse Darcy has itself a trainee tapped on the head. Evil where Thor with his hammer to swing will come in the form of Malekith and the Dark Elves about whom this creep prevails. By an unfortunate coincidence Jane is an important link in the fight. They must be saved and Thor is therefore the perfect idiot. Despite all this drama is conflict in The Dark World and relatively generates no real tension. The characters have no choice because, as they have no character. Throughout the Nine Realms is just one victim of the plot. Jane, the man who her date is not in the eye, because she is Jane. Thor can’t lose fight because he's Thor. Man, he has a hammer - that is to provide the end of each game.The gods take themselves very seriously, so humor is, Darcy's annoying attempt aside, more or less excluded. Characters like Thor, Malekith and father / King Odin will never be able to laugh and Darcy himself simply has too little content for real spot. Download free full movies from secure internet connections without create any premium account.

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