Friday, 20 December 2013

Download 12 Years a Slave 2013 Movie Online

New York, 1841, Solomon Northup a young African American is approached by two men who pretend to be a circus promoters interested in his skills as a violinist. After being led by deception to Washington, beaten and drugged, Solomon is sold as a slave to be used in the cotton fields in Louisiana. From that moment his ordeal last 12 years, during which time will master in master. From the estate of the good William Ford to the aggressive, cynical, alcoholic Edwin Epps Solomon know a world of violence, hardship, hard work, humiliation and living conditions at the limits of human possibilities, from which will be saved thanks to a chance encounter. Despite being an important part in the formation of the United States the issue of slavery dealt with the point of view of a slave is not widespread in American cinema. In spite of the slave trade between 1501 and 1866 has involved 11 million Africans, the argument would be almost taboo if it were not for the 101 slaves, were able to return free, which have published books about their lives dramatic. Download 12 Years a Slave Movie Online for free without create any account or no need to pay any charges.


Among the various publications, that of Northup is the only one that traces a history of abnormal ranging from freedom to freedom, through slavery and weaving universal themes such as identity, betrayal, brutality and the need to keep the faith for not succumb to the evil of man. The star of 12 Years a Slave in the shoes of Solomon Northup is the actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, called to stage a man who, although living a heartbreaking story in contact with human behavior despicable, never becomes a tragic figure and maintains its identity. At first musician free, Solomon can’t imagine ever being able to finish as a slave and, thanks to his talent; an individual is respected by his community. Having developed a kind of taking away from the sad reality that permeated the South of the U.S., not just Solomon ends in Louisiana finds him having to deal with everything that has ignored and tried to avoid. Download latest Hollywood movies for free from secure internet connections without fill any registration form.

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