Thursday, 28 November 2013

Download Now You See Me 2013 Full Movie

The film opens with the beginning of the story of how members of “The Four Horsemen” were first recruited. Daniel Atlas, Henley Reeves, Merritt McKinney, and Jack Wilder are the magician with each career path. One day, four received an invitation to come to an apartment flats and finally become acquainted with one another group "The Four Horsemen". In this magic show, Thaddeus Bradley also present among the audience. Thaddeus is a former magician who now works magic record secretly and dismantles the tricks used, and then sold to customers. In this way, Thaddeus did not even earn a little income. The Four Horsemen also start their magic: they would rob a bank. The Four Horsemen ask the audience too randomly select a volunteer who will be robbed his bank. Elected a French man named Etienne, who then asked up on stage and mentioning that he was saving money in a bank in Paris. This is certainly an impossible thing to do instead? Rob a bank on another continent while the Horsemen and Etienne were in Las Vegas. Download Now You See Me Full Movie online without fill any sign up form.


But not so for The Four Horsemen. They put a "helmet teleportation" in Etienne, and zap! Etienne suddenly has to be in a safe space that seems to be a bank vault space! In the presence of Etienne, seemed a mountain of cash worth 3.2 million Euros! Communication through video, Etienne asked to press a button on the helmet teleportasinya, which activates the air duct in the ceiling and suck all the money. The Four Horsemen went on to say that the money will be connected to the Las Vegas right away! Etienne also asked to leave brochures magic show The Four Horsemen and a card signed by Etienne in safes that have been empty. Money that had been inhaled by the air duct was then emerging from the ceiling stage magic show, and the audience was showered with money from the robbery of a bank in France? The Four Horsemen also closed their magic act that day successfully. Download free movie DVD from direct downloading links without pay any charges.

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