Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Download The Frozen Ground 2013 Movie Online

Actor Nicolas Cage has the remarkable ability to respond. Both by the press very well received films and very badly criticized pics unfortunately 'The Frozen Ground' belongs to the second category. In the Anchorage (Alaska, USA) from 1983, the seventeen year old Cindy Paulson victim of a brutal rape. Until the dead body of a young woman is found. The State Trooper Jack (Nicolas Cage) is put on the case and thus put back on the track of the unfortunate Cindy. He committed tenaciously in the case, especially as the victims of the likely serial rapist and murderer had the same age as his deceased sister too young. The problem is that he and his little family are about to move elsewhere to. With the lack of any evidence, it is not made it easy to do the job. In the remaining time Cindy is his only hope to find the culprit. Typical of the film is a scene in which she tells her tragic story in tears, and she ends up as a pole dancer at a strip club and almost immediately becomes addicted to crystal meth, pills and cocaine. Anyway, with the help of Cindy manages to unmask. Jack the killer. Download The Frozen Ground Movie Online without create any premium account.


That all sounds like a not very credible film and that is 'The Frozen Ground' will not. The film relies on its true status, but in the process of writing the script so many elements seem over the top and other forgotten that it is quite skewed ratios yields. As the film follows the perspective of police, victim and rapist / murderer it becomes an easy predictable blanks exercise. That script mainly on the basis of testimonies of the real Cindy Paulson is made means that the story is a subjective impact has received 'Robert Hansen is no better than the devil himself. He falls into a purely evocative scene from his wife and children to make. The man in an even darker light Subtle is not all. It also ensures that none of the characters has any psychological depth but that they act purely because the scenario that requires them. The mature structure and dramatized music is also tension in all the way. 'The Frozen Ground' lives on false emotion. The acting is decent, but nothing more than that. Download free movies from secure internet connections without any cost.

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