Monday, 30 December 2013

Download Rush 2013 Free Movie

Rush tells the exciting and breathless battle between two of the biggest rivals the history of Formula 1 has ever known, that of James Hunt and Niki Lauda competing for the illustrious teams McLaren and Ferrari.  James Hunt, a handsome and partygoer Columbia and Niki Lauda, ​​a solitary and methodical Austrian, met when they were as young adults, barely out of their teens, on a race track in Formula 3. Both drivers dream of driving a Formula 1 and become the fastest in the world. Their wish was granted a few years later while Lauda was recruited by Ferrari Hunt and the McLaren team. They have always fought for first place, becoming legendary opponents in the world of motor racing, and even beyond. Download Rush free movie from direct downloading links with fast downloading speed.


 It is also found in the center of the duel and it is difficult to choose sides as their desire to win is commendable respectively. We also discover the reality of races where the technology was not as present as now, where a tire change could change the race but also the behind the scenes. We realize how the life of a pilot is at stake and the risks they can take. And to embody its main characters, the director has chosen duet acting on a rising career: Chris'' Thor'' Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl'''' Zoller. This duo works wonders to their resemblance to the original characters, which also earned Daniel Brühl few hours of makeup unlike Chris Hemsworth. They are impeccable in their interpretation and attach them to the point we cling to our seats during the racing scenes. On their side, there is Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara gives a nice feminine touch to the film and two ways to live the life of a woman pilot. Going back to the big show, behind the lives of both drivers on the track obviously discovered in more impressive as each other races, and that we will hold on to the seats. Download free full movies without fill any sign up form or no need to register.

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